Monsoon season is generally considered a dull period for the real estate industry because a general perception prevails that hunting for houses during monsoon is a bad idea and many refrain from even checking out houses during rains.
However, I recommend the contrary, due to various reasons. Buying a real estate property during monsoon in Mumbai is quite an experience as compared to purchasing it during any other season.
Rather than sitting at home and waiting for the rainy season to get over, it’s time to step out and get the best house for yourself. Your approach to the house is as important as the house itself. Make it an opportune time for home purchase.

Lets explore the reasons you should go out and kickstart your property hunting journey.

1. Low Property Demand

During the monsoons, the market for flats or commercial properties normally slows down. As the demand has lower, there is a huge stock of unsold houses that each developer has. This is the time to haggle with the seller and come to an agreement on a price that is reasonable for you. Owing to less pressure in the market, sellers are willing to negotiate on lowering the price for serious buyers.

2. Exposes State Of Amenities in The Locality

During the monsoons, you can get a better sense of your gated community and nearby areas. Check for water blocking in the parking lot and any probable rain-related issues. Home seekers are advised to visit the construction site more than once before arriving at a decision. Low lying areas are prone to flooding, leading to traffic jams and transportation woes. The extent of this problem, can be best judged in the monsoon season.
It informs the buyer about how developed the region is, and so on. During the monsoons, you get a good notion of how to approach because the roads usually become a disaster, with water clogging the streets, gutters overflowing, and other flaws exposed.

3. Construction Defects

The litmus paper test for qualities is the monsoon. When the dismal clouds roll in, many reputed houses fall flat. This is when you can truly know the difference between which property builder is offering you the best quality in construction.
It is the best time to check the construction quality of the ready-to-move homes. Issues, including seepage and dampness issues. Buyers can gauge whether the property has problems pertaining to seepage, leakage from the terrace, drainage issues leading to stagnation of dirty water, etc. Get to know all the necessary informations during monsoon season which you can’t find under normal weather condition because after a couple of heavy downpours, the reality of the apartment you plan to buy will surface.

4. Negotiation Advantage

A buyer can highlight some minor constructional defect in the property or waterlogging issue and use it as a bargain chip to get the best deal herself. Issues like leakages during the monsoons, can also be used by buyers to make the deal work in their favour. This may not be possible in other parts of the year. As it is a lean period, vis-à-vis sales, sellers may be willing to negotiate on the price.

5. Monsoon Discounts

The builder wants to get rid of existing project in order to start a new project in the upcoming festival season. They are willing to offer lower rates to serious buyers. The quantum of discount in Mumbai and Kolkata is likely to be higher than other cities. As home purchase during the monsoon drop down the banks try to spice up the property market by offering attractive deals in the form of discounted rates and monsoon special home loan. Though some banks wouldn’t offer a formal discount, they would be likely to negotiate the charges and interest rates according to your credit scores.

6. Best Time To Move-In Before Festive Months

The monsoon season is followed by a string of festivities, which are considered as an auspicious time for investments. By the time the monsoons subside, your house can be ready for you to move in. This makes monsoons a good time to scout for property investments.

So, be ready to gear up for your house hunt and utilize this beautiful season in the right way. And if you are wondering where to start, then check out our current available projects in Mira Road, Naigaon & Vasai area.

Visit our website www.rgrealty.co.in for properties to view a list of luxury residences across the most popular neighbourhoods of the suburban. The monsoon season offers a good window to shortlist the properties you are most interested in.

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Make Your Home During The Rainy Season!!

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